Responding to COVID

When a global pandemic swept over our nation, the concept of a first responder changed overnight. In addition to our medical, police and emergency services, a new extended family of first responders emerged to include grocery store workers, delivery personnel and others who help keep our country operating day in and day out.

As a leading provider of industrial-scale 3D printing, we at Essentium, Inc wanted to do our part to help protect our communities so we mobilized our resources and production capacity to establish EssentiumWRX. Working to supply PPE to groups like the Texas Military Department, EssentiumWRX produces protective face mask kits based on FDA emergency use authorization. The reusable mask frames are made with Essentium PA (thermoplastic nylon) which allows for easy cleaning; and are used with a single-use, replaceable filtration media that is BFE95 certified.

Responding to COVID

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